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This month's tip:

Horse Health Care in Winter: Blankets and Clipping
If you blanket your horse during the winter, choose a blanket that both fits and is made of a lightweight material. A well-fitting blanket does not "pull" across the shoulders, chest, or withers. Most newer blankets are pleated at the shoulder and designed to avoid this tightness over the withers and chest. It's important to choose a blanket that fits because an ill-fitting blanket, worn all winter, can create chiropractic issues that you will have to solve in the spring.

I also suggest you invest in one of the new blankets made of lightweight materials, as opposed to using older-style canvas blankets. The lightweight material in new blankets allows your horse's hair to stay fluffy, which keeps him warmer. Older-style blankets tend to flatten your horse's coat, which will make him feel chilly.

Finally, if at all possible, avoid body clipping your horse. If you must clip your horse's coat, stick with a hunter clip, which at least leaves your horse with some of his winter coat while still allowing him to work hard without sweating too much.




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