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Please submit all votes by January 20th, 2018

Rules for Voting

All Voting will be keep confidential



 NYSSHA members may only cast one vote for each category below (one ballot per member!)

 Please, vote only for the categories in which you truly feel deserve to be named. (for instance, if you didnít go to any gymkhana's, then don't vote for any)


For Best Gymkhana/Horse Show Ö it doesn't mean you have to vote for the event you won the best or most awards at, but rather an event that you really had a great time at. Perhaps the event was nicely run, started on time, had well qualified officials, a great announcer Ö stuff that just made you have a great time.


For Best Person of the Year: This isn't meant to be a popularity contest, but rather to honor someone in the NYSSHA family that showed a true love of our sport and that of horses. This person may or may not show or compete in gymkhanas,  they may be that person that pitches in and helps a gymkhana/show that is short handed, whether its lug trail equipment, open/shut the gate, hand out ribbons, is a good sportsman, or holds your horse while you run back to the barn to get your exhibitor number, etc.



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